Sunday, June 25, 2017

Training Blog June 19 to 25, 2017 Sorta Training

Me finishing at last weekends USATF-NE 5 mile Championship

After the race last weekend, which was pretty humid, my legs were just junk for a few days.  I wan't sore and I felt find walking around but when I would run my legs felt crushed and I felt very heavy and with no power.  I was also feeling really dehydrated overall.  I had my last two days of school on Monday and Tuesday and then my summer vacation started.  I didn't get hired for summer school so I'll at least be getting some quality recovery in.

Monday PM road 6 in 42:55

Tuesday PM road 8, 56:44, surprised to still feel this flat.

Wednesday Noon road and trail 10, pretty hot and humid, 1:09:06.  Felt pretty shitty but a shade better then the last two days so I decided on an easy day for tomorrow and to try 100's on Friday.

Thursday 5PM 8 miles in 52:53, I didn't feel good but I didn't feel like complete crap so a good step in the right direction

Friday Noon stupid humid.  I had been out in the AM and it was humid but didn't feel too bad.  As I was getting ready to run I checked the temp and it was like 82 or so and I thought nice it hasn't really warmed up this will be great.  I knew I was wrong the moment I opened the door.  It was intense.  4 mile warm up to the track in 29:13 then drills, 20x100m at an average of 16.0 with very slow 100 jog recoveries, covered 4k, then 4 mile cool down in 27:38.  It was so hot that I actually drank out of a discarded water bottle at the track because I wasn't sure I would make it the 4 miles back to the house without some water. 

Saturday AM 8 miles around Phillips fields and track mostly with Melissa.  I did her warm up, jogged around while she did drills and strides, then paced her 4 mile tempo run in 26:00 then jogged during her 4 minute recovery and paced her on a 2:49 800 going 93/76.  Then an easy cool down with her. It rained pretty hard at times but the cooler water felt very nice.

Sunday AM humidity had blown out and ran pretty early on the very shaded Chelmsford rail trail. 3 mile warm up with Melissa and Uta, 23:10, drills and strides, 2x2 miles with 3mins of drills for the recovery and a few drills right after.  10:26 (5:20/5:06), 10:26 (5:18/5:08).  Felt pretty good but my legs were suprisingly heavy on the second rep.  I have the engine but the body is very unfit. 3 mile cool down with Melissa, Uta and we quickly picked up Kara Haas, in 23:40

Summary 61 miles and a couple of light workouts a nice step in the right direction.   

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Training Blog June 12 to 18, 2017

Monday off- kids had a cruise after school as a field trip and knowing I had a long couple days I decided to sleep in to 5:50 and skip the AM run as well.  Got home about midnight.  There was a time but I'm not fit enough for that sort of crazy shit at the moment.

Tuesday  Kids had another field trip so I spent 8 hours outside in the 90 degree sun, lot of fun but I was pretty zonked
              PM 5 miles with Melissa in 44:47 we were crawling and I wasn't complaining!

Wednesday PM 10.1 around Phillips, first 1.5 with Melissa then solo, 1:10:36

Thursday PM 6 miles on road with Uta in 39:27

Friday PM 3 miles with Melissa and Uta in the rain, just exhausted at the end of a long week and decided to take it easy, 22:12

Saturday PM 6 miles on road with Uta, 38:40

Sunday AM 2 plus warm up with Melissa, some strides, race Ribfest 5 mile, USATF-NE championship, 12th place, 25:55, humid.  was 15:41 at 5k which is about equal to the race I ran a travs trail a few weeks back so a decent step in the right direction.  The last 3k sucked, 10:05, but it had a long gradual uphill that caused everyone to slow, leaders ran around 9:25, and I was pretty done with the humidity.   Not what I had hoped for looking at things as I started running a couple months ago but given how little I have done, really just some jogging around, I'll take it. 3 mile cool down with Melissa in 25mins tot. 11

Summary 42 miles, one race.  My last day of school is Tuesday so I'm really hoping to get back in the game over the next couple of weeks. I feel pretty good and if I come out of the race ok I should be good for a jump up in miles.  I'd love to be around 60 this week but even more I would love to start doing a little training and not just jogging.

This is the sweet Millennium Running grilling spatula I one for my age graded performance. I didn't own one and I do want one so that made this a pretty awesome prize.  I have to hand it to John Mortimer it was a heck of nice event and there were a lot of really neat details.  

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Training Blog June 5 to 11, 2017

Monday Off had some calf soreness and it had been 16 days since my last day off so I decided this was a good spot for an off day.  In terms of the calf it was a perfect choice in terms of how the week went overall I would have liked to have taken a day later in the week.

Tuesday developed a wicked sore thoat over the course of the day.
                PM 9.1 at Phillips with Uta in a cold rain- actually wore a hat and gloves.  1:00:14

Wednesday sore throat has expanded to a running nose and some head congestion.
                  PM 6miles on road solo, in a reverse from yesterday it was a bit hot to bring Uta, 37:32

Thursday sore throat better but congestion much worse, head feels like it is in a cloud, tons of crap coming out of nose and chest.
                 PM road 5 with Uta, 31:47

Friday about the same as Yesterday
               PM road 8.2, 51:25, this was not the best run, I felt like crap, I had some coordination issues and just generally didn't enjoy myself.

Saturday AM road 7, first 3 with Uta, dropped her off then ran solo, 46:36, feeling improved to day, not great but I slept around 12 hours and the chest congestion is largely gone and my nose isn't producing nearly as much shit.

Sunday Noon 11 miles around Phillips, very hot, struggled, 1:11:51.

Summary 46 miles for the week.  I got a head cold, which wasn't that great.  I have a standing rule that I don't do speed when I have a head cold because it pretty much always causes it to turn into bronchitis which seems to never die.   I'm starting to feel better this afternoon so hopefully back to moving forward this week.
  I was able to improve the calf a lot which feels great now and I did increase the short day and the long run so not a lost week but obviously not what I had hoped for.
  This week I have tomorrow planned as an off day.  I don't feel I need it physically but my kids have a field trip that means my day will be out the door a bit before 7am and home around midnight.  I  could do an AM run but I don't think that would be a great set up for the rest of the week given that I obviously won't be getting that much sleep Monday night and I don't hold up that well over the week after a couple of nights of short sleep.
  I'm also racing again this week to help round out the CMS team for the USATF-NE 5 mile champs.  It is also a chance to take a dip stick on the fitness.  We'll see what the weather looks like but the course is New England flat so if it isn't super hot I'd like to try and slip under 25:00 but given how little I have done that is probably a very tall order.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Training Blog May 29 to June 4

Monday AM 9.1 miles with Uta around Phillips in 54:19, sort of an unplanned fundamental tempo

Tuesday PM 5 miles at Phillips with Uta and Melissa, 41:37

Wednesday PM 3+ warm up 15 strides with jog back recoveries, 3+ cool down. Calf a bit tired/sore after this

Thursday PM 4 miles with Uta, 27:28

Friday PM 9 miles around Phillips, 1:06:34, first 5 with Melissa and Uta

Saturday AM 6 miles road with Uta, 40:33

Sunday PM road 10 solo, 1:04:50

This is a pic of me eating pickles, you know because they are delicious and we needed to go grocery shopping.  That is why I'm eating the pickles I'm posting the pic because I feel like the blog needs more photos. 

Summary 52 miles for the week.  Two moderate efforts.  I did a bunch of feldenkrais stuff but didn't make any breakthroughs or anything.  Some of it is very neat/weird.  Tough to describe but you really have this moments when you feel like you are reprogramming your mind/body connection.
  My calf is a bit tired but I haven't had a day off in 16 days so I'll take one tomorrow.   Next couple of weeks are pretty busy but then summer comes and the living is easy.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Training Blog May 22 to 28, 2017

Monday AM road 4 with Uta, 28:04

Tuesday PM 7.2 miles around Phillips Academy, first 5 miles with Uta and Melissa, this felt pretty good.

Wednesday PM 5.2 miles on roads with Uta in 34:29.  Uta was more into this one than I was...

Thursday PM 8.2 on the roads in the rain with Uta, nice run, 52:03, planned strides for tonight but was getting pretty cold/tight by the time I finished up so I decided to skip them.

Friday PM road 5 mile solo, gave Uta the evening off, 32:41

Saturday AM at Chelmsford rail trail, 3.1 mile warm up, strides- this felt really excellent, all between 4:20 and 4:35 pace but felt easy and smooth, 2 mile tempo- this felt less excellent, aerobically ok but my quads were a bit burny by the end and my HR looks to have been through the roof, for what the watch hr is worth, 10:22 (5:13, 5:09), 3.4 miles cool down

Sunday PM I was in VT for a memorial for my Brother and slipped in a jog on the AT, I planned on 5 but this was pretty hilly single track and so after 25 mins, and according to the Garmin 1.88 miles, I turned around, I would guess it was longer than that given the dense tree cover and very windy nature of the trail but probably not all that much longer...

Summary 43 miles for the week, give or take.  One light workout.  I'm finally to the point where I was willing to write myself a bit of a schedule.  In general I am addicted to having a plan and following a schedule.  I'm pretty good about listening to my body and making adjustments to that schedule as needed.  I would guess I only follow it to the letter in somewhere between 1 week out of 5 to 1 week out of 10 but I do feel that having a plan, knowing how the workouts need to progress and what workouts are going into the overall mix keeps me from training out of balance or from getting caught up in training for training sake.   That said early in a comeback things are so touch and go I find that plans cause nothing but complications, disappointments and artificial barriers.  Far better to just have a general sense of what you are trying to do, is today a recovery day or an increase day or a day I'm going to try to run a 'new' pace.  Then listen to the body.  Many runs I start in the early part of a comeback even as I start the run I don't know how far it is going to be.  I will head out with the intention of trying to run farther then my last 'push day' but that might mean doing 1 minute more or 2 miles more depending on how the body reacts and feels on the day.  I also always end up taking a day off that I don't want to take because I can feel the pressures building in the body and that I'm not as recovered on a given day as I should be before adding new stimulus.
  Beyond that I have continued with one to two Feldenkrais sessions per day for cross training.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Training Blog May 15 to 21

Monday 3 miles in 19:19 with Uta

Tuesday 5 miles with Uta and Melissa, 39:42

Wednesday 4 miles in 26:10

Thursday 6.7 miles, 6 miles in 37:01 then four strides with Jog back recovery

Friday off

Saturday 4.1 miles with Uta and Melissa in 31:18

Sunday 2 mile warm up with Melissa, strides, 30 second fast effort, race Travs Trail 3 mile in 15:38, 1st place. 1.5 mile cool down with Melissa and Kara Haas.

Summary 30 miles for week. 1 race.  I did a ton of the Feldenkrais work.  Which is not hard, all sort of neurological.  Ok why the race.  Basically I love this race.  This and the great bay 5k are my two favorite local races.  Also I have won here for a few years in a row and I didn't want to give up the streak without a fight. Not an ideal point to race but hey sometimes you need to bend the rules.
  Hope you are well.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rabbit Elite and Training for May 1 to 7

New 'sponsor'

  I joined the Rabbit Elite team.  I'm still running for CMS this is an equipment team like Hurricanes or Volee. I joined because I really like the company.  They are small but they still sponsor some up and coming pros.   They make all of their stuff in the USA and it is really nice kit.  If you want to try it out click on the link below and get 10% off.

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May 1 to 7

Monday bikram yoga

Tuesday 4 miles in 28:50

Wednesday bikram yoga

Thursday 4 miles in 28:03

Friday bikram yoga

Saturday 4 miles with Melissa and Uta in 31:00

Sunday off

May 8 to 14

Monday 5 miles with Uta in 33:04

Tuesday bikram yoga

Wednesday 5 miles with Uta in 33:05- same loop as Monday I think we deserve some points for consistency.

Thursday 2 miles with Uta in 13:37

Friday 5 miles with Uta, first three with a very tired Melissa, 36:32

Saturday 3 miles with Uta and Melissa, 23:29.
                 I also did a ton of yard work, turning two large compost piles, spreading compost and mulch in my garden and other random stuff like that. 
               Before bed I did a half hour Feldenkrais 'lesson', more on that in the summary. 

Sunday 6.7 miles around Phillips with Melissa and Uta, 52:47. 

Summary I'm back running a little bit, so I'm obviously happy about that.  The calf thing is still there but only very lightly.  The key to fixing it was a Feldenkrais routine, which they call lessons for whatever reason, for pelvic mobility.  After I did it the first time I was able to run without pain for the first time.  I have been doing it before every run and at least once on most of the days I haven't been running.  
  I honestly have tried most every type of cross training or injury treatment that you can imagine but honestly up until a few months ago I had never heard of Feldenkrais.  It is different.  The idea is to improve your mechanical running and muscular balance through exercises that improve your running coordination and neurological firing patterns.  The lessons are easy to do physically, if anything the risk is that you push to hard. 
  Melissa has been doing some Feldenkrais stuff that Anna set her up with through Terrence Mahon.  She is the one who found the pelvic routine that helped me get back moving in the right direction.  My plan now is to do a pretty involved program over the next 7 weeks as I slowly build up my running to see if it helps my coordination problem.  Obviously I'll keep you updated on how it goes. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Training Blog April 24 to 30, 2017, a tiny step forward, hopefully.

  So this was another week of very little but I did manage to do a couple of "runs".  I went to yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I ran two miles in 16mins on Thursday and 3 miles in 24mins on Saturday, both of those were with Melissa and Uta.  I got massage and acupuncture on Saturday after the run.

  The back is still a bit wonky and I'm not doing forward bends in Yoga but other than that and right when I get out of bed in the morning.  The calf feels fine but I did get some soreness after both runs that doesn't feel quite 'right'.

  The problem seems to source from my back/hip on the right side and I'm doing exercise for that area and hopefully with that I'll be able to build up real slow to some real running.   I'm not super confident because the area just doesn't feel right but at the moment I don't have a better plan.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekly training, or not, blog April 16 to 23, 2017

  I went to yoga on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and twice on Sunday.  I saw Anna on Monday and got a massage but she did have me jog for 20 feet or so to see if there was anything glaring wrong with my stride.  The verdict, I'm not extending and I'm not fully pronating but compared to past sins I don't actually look that bad.

  So I was planning on running Friday afternoon but instead I threw my back out doing some weeding in the garden.  It actually wasn't that bad but I wanted to play it safe.  I got up still feeling tight but not too crazy bad on Saturday morning and then when I was eating breakfast it totally spasmed.  As someone who has had low back surgery I have had my fair share of 'throwing the old back out' but this one was a personal worst.  I couldn't believe it.  It was some real pain.  I couldn't move I actually thought I might be stuck on the floor for a long while.

  Now I can't take muscle relaxers because my spine wasn't fused so I needed a fix.  I went to yoga and basically laid in the the hot room for 90% of it and I did a lot of heating and Mckenzie back relaxer exercises and as it slowly loosened up a bit a lot of lacrosse ball massage.  Finally tonight after second yoga I sort of invented a new exercise/lacrosse ball massage movement that got it to let go and I find myself suddenly like 95% better.  I'll probably hold off another day on running because at this point I've missed so much time one more day doesn't really matter but I hopefully good to go.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Training Blog April 10 to 16, 2017 Just a lot of Yoga

So I tried running on Wednesday, the leg felt 100% all day so I figured I'd go for a mile or two and see.  It felt fine if a bit weak for the first minute then steadily got a bit worse and by the time I stopped after one short loop of the neighborhood, 3/4 of a mile, it was pretty sore.  Then it felt pretty set back the next day or two.

  These leaves me with two basic theories.  Possibility one is that I have a small tear in the muscle.  Which means I need to wait another week or two and it will come back around.  Just keep up the same treatment.  Possibility two is that I have a fibula stress fracture and I'm feeling referenced pain in the muscle.  I very much doubt this one but perhaps.  This would mean another 3 weeks off and that the extra cross training isn't helping me much.  I can solve this by getting some imaging. I may or may not do that.  There is no real treatment for either.  As such and given that I'm not in love with info for info sake I may just wait and see how it comes along, but I do have this week off from school so I'll end up doing whatever Melissa and Anna think is best.

  Other than the little run I did a good bit of Yoga and cross training.  I went to Bikram on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  My yoga practice is in a good place.  I joke with Anna that if I was paying her for cross training to help my yoga I'd have to give her a raise.

  I've missed enough time that I am going to have to rework my training plans which is very disappointing but that is how the cookie crumbles and one of the great things about New England is there are always other races you can target.

  Hope you're doing better than I and that the weather is as nice where you are as it is here for me.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Training Blog April 3 to 9, 2007, still banged up.

  Calf was shitty all week. I got a massage on Monday afternoon, tried jogging on Tuesday.  Made it less than a minute and stopped.  It isn't super painful but it gets a bit worse with every stride.  So it would be counter productive to push it.  I went to Yoga on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  I also got massage and accupuncture on Saturday.  I tried running again this afternoon and again made it about a minute.  I'm doing a good bit of mobility work on it each day at home and overall it feels pretty good. I just have this one crazy knot.
  On the plus side I have been getting caught up on yard work and work work so that is something.  Really hope to get rocking this week.  Hope you are doing better than me.  -Nate

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Training week March 27 to April 2, 2017 Not Too Old to Make Mistakes...

Monday AM road 4 mile with Uta, 31:40
               PM road 10.1 mile solo, 1:05:33, ended up with bilaterally tight calves.

Tuesday PM cold rain so I did 10 on the treadmill in 1:01:18- this seems fast in comparison to my regular runs but was actually a lighter effort then my normal runs which are pretty hilly, both calves pretty tight.

Wednesday PM plan was to do a fartlek if my calves weren't too bad. did the first 3 miles of my 10 mile loop as warm up then started on 10x30 second fartlek, the first two felt pretty good but my left calf spasmed after the 2nd one.  I stopped and stretched and it felt pretty good so I decided to just jog the full 10 mile but not turn around, going back from whence I came I could be home in 3.5 miles verses 6.5 more if I continued the loop.   So for a couple miles things felt pretty good then it started to tighten up again so I stopped and stretched.  When I started up again I it didn't feel so hot and about a half mile later I was going up a hill and it spasmed worst then the first time.  I stopped and could tell it was pretty bad.  So I made the not fun choice to walk home, 55 cold minutes later I was home and not too happy about it.

Thursday PM 90mins bikram yoga.

Friday off

Saturday  snow removal

Sunday AM bikram yoga 90mins.

Summary generally after any recovery I try to take my time building back up but I decided to try something new with only taking one week down I thought I could jump in and go normal full on.  I thought I would get a bit sore.  So I was a bit surprised my calves were super tight after day one, that is why I dumped the AM run the next couple days and I had planned a tougher workout on tuesday and decided to try an easier one on Wednesday.  Not easy enough.  The calf feels a lot better now but I tried running on it and it wasn't quite ready for that.  I'll get it worked on tomorrow and do some more yoga this week and hopefully be back in the saddle by the end of the week.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Training for March 18 to 26, 2017 and a summary of my base phase

I didn't run this week.  I had scheduled a week off because I have had a very long base phase.  I spent last fall from a bit before labor day until just before Thanksgiving building up VERY slowly.  I was banged up, out of balance and really struggling so even though the volume of work was very low I was working fairly hard to do it.  Finally I got myself together over the course of November and started doing what I would call training and have been at it steadily ever since.  I would not normally schedule a single phase to be this long, 17 weeks not including another 12 or so weeks of build up, but I was just so out of shape after a 4 month layoff and another two plus months of very light running that I really needed to put in a lot of work just to get into some sort of general fitness.

  As such I took this week off. All I did was go to yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and I got a massage on Friday. I did my normal stretching, basic exercises and mobility stuff but nothing that you would call real exercise.

  Looking back to the fall I was far out of shape.  I did run a 15:22 at the very fast Great Bay 5k, but the 16:11 I ran at the only moderately difficult Great Island 5k was more telling as to just how far off of decent shape I was.

  My first week resembling real training was November 20 to the 26th where I ran 72 miles the following week I was up to 84.  On December 10th I ran 32:10 on the very fair USATF Club Nationals course.  I would guess based on the winning time that it was within a minute of what you would expect to do on the track in ideal conditions.   So I was pretty out of shape.  At this point I was only doing half Mona fartleks and only covering about 1.8 miles while doing them, 5:30 mile pace or so.

  By the end of the month I had done a full Mona and covered 3.7 miles, about 5:24 pace, so I was coming along but I was still a long way from what I would consider 'normal fitness' which is covering around 3.9 miles for a mona.   I was getting in at least two decent efforts every week and running between 70 and 100 miles a week.  Nothing flashy but consistent.

  For the month I had 8 workouts, two races and a long run of 14 miles.  Certainly nothing to write home about but I was fitter at the end of the month then at the start of the month and I was healthy.

  In January I had 10 workouts, two races and a long run of 17 miles.  The first race was a 15:25 5k in much tougher conditions then what I ran 15:22 at back at Great Bay and the second was a very nice step forward with a 9:15 track 2 mile.  Not a great race but for where I was at it was good.  The thing I was starting to notice both in workouts and in that two mile was that I wasn't feeling the same resistance at speed that I had been struggling with the last couple years.  You can even see it in video of me racing. (fast forward to 4:10)

 I felt like I was running in sand when I try to get down much under 4:50 per mile pace and looked like I was almost dragging something.  In the 2 mile I felt like I had very little aerobic fitness and like I was running quicker than I had trained to but mechanically I felt smooth and easy.  This really got me, and still has me, very excited about the potential for running well this year as I get my aerobic fitness back and start to do some more race specific workouts.

If for comparison you look at how I'm moving now the improvement is pretty noticeable.

  In February I got in 8 workouts and two more races, my long run was 22 miles and additionally I got in three 16 milers.   I also had a 100 mile week, admittedly during vacation week.  The races were a 24:50 5 mile, which is back into what I would consider my normal competitive range.  Yes the out of shape side of the normal competitive range but after running a couple of 32 something 10k's and a 16:11 5k in the fall I admit I was worried about ever getting back into real shape again.  I am after all not getting any younger.  My 5 mile split at USATF had been a 25:40 and I feel like the courses were fairly even so to see a ~50 second improvement, 10 seconds per mile, over a 2 month period was very gratifying.  My second race was a 14:41 track 5k which much like the two mile really has me excited.  First mechanically I felt smooth and I didn't feel like it was hard to run that pace.  Second I was running off of fartleks and road work, no specific track workouts.  The fastest 5k I have ever run without specific work is 14:20.  So I'm not that far off.

 Generally I expect to drop 20 to 25 seconds on my 5k with a 6 to 10 week specific cycle which would have me in the 14:10 to 14:15 range this spring.  After how far I had fallen last fall I will be over the moon happy if I can run in that range this spring.  Lastly I improved my mona fartlek to 3.83 miles, an improvement of 9 seconds per mile to 5:13.3 pace.

  March was actually another good month.  I was getting tired and New Bedford was an unmitigated disaster but the general trajectory was still good.   I got in two solid weeks to start the month both in terms of mileage and workouts and with this rest I feel ready to go.  I would really like the snow to melt so I can get on the track for some specific workouts but I keep trying to remind myself I don't have control over that and that I no longer have the time to either shovel a track or to drive into the city to get on an indoor track so I must do the best I can with the resources I have.

  Moving forward I want to race two or three times in April, right now I'm planning on a Fresh Pond 5 mile on April 9th as a bit of throw back fun with Ruben.  A sort of "make fresh pond fast again" day.  Then I will likely do the James Joyce Ramble 10k.  I know some people hate this race but I like it.  I don't like the hill up to the finish but other wise I like the course.  It is generally competitive and they pay good prize money.

  In May I'd like to get serious about racing well and hopefully with some rust buster races and some specific track work in April I'll be ready to do so.  I plan on keeping at it up to the USATF-NE 5 mile champs in mid June at which point I'll take a week or two rest before changing speeds.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Training Blog March 13 to 19, 2017

Monday PM 8.3 miles in 54:11 solo

Tuesday AM 3 miles on treadmill, 21mins
               PM 4 hours of snow removal

Wednesday AM 2 hours snow removal
                    PM 11x30 second fartlek in the middle 3 miles of an 8.3 mile run, meant to do 10 but messed up my count, 52:20 for the whole run, the 3 miles with the fartlek were 5:46, 5:43, 541

Thursday PM 8.3 solo, 55:07

Friday PM 6.3 miles solo, 42:14

Saturday PM 4.2 mile solo, 28:10

Sunday AM 2.5 warm up, some more jogging, drills and strides after that.  Race New Bedford half marathon.  1:10:37, 18th place.  Well that is about as shitty a race as I have had as an adult.  Not really sure what went so wrong.  I had some coordination stuff and stopped for drills at 8.5 miles but didn't feel that bad.  The wind was the worst I think I have ever raced in. So that explains some of the time but not the place.  The wind was just as bad for everyone else. I was out too hard but nothing crazy and like I said I settled in and felt pretty decent. I don't really have an answer.  Up to about 8 miles I was actually thinking I was going to run pretty well.  I was out a bit too hard but I didn't think it was that bad.  Sometimes you're the windshield sometimes your the bug.  I was certainly the bug today.  I have a week basically off scheduled this week so my plan is to just move forward and hopefully this becomes a bad memory.

Summary  I'll do what I can to figure out what went so wrong in the half but frankly I'm note going to sweat it too much.  I know my fitness is generally coming along nicely and I'm happy with the progression of the workouts and if they keep progressing the workouts can't help but follow.  Now if the sun can come out and melt this snow while I'm resting this week so I can do some track workouts when I get back to work I'll be really thankful.  Hope you are well.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Training Blog March 6 to 12, 2017

Monday AM road 4 with Uta and Melissa, 30:51
               PM road 10 solo, feeling pretty heavy after yesterdays workout, 1:07:24

Tuesday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:02
               PM at North Andover track, 5k warm up, drills, strides, 16x200 with slow 200 jog recovery, average 31.6, jogs in about 1:08 average. This is muscular endurance, more like lifting then traditional reps, ie the last one feels basically the same as the first aerobically. 3 mile cool down

Wednesday PM road 16.1 solo, 1:45:31. thought I was going to have to stop for drills around 11 mile but then things came around and I was ok.

Thursday PM 3 mile warm up with Uta, drop her off, half mile jog to start area, drills, strides.  So my watch has a recovery adviser that is based on heart rate and the pace you ran.  When you save a run it tells you how many hours you are supposed to recover before your next workout.  I don't put much stock in it.  I do get a kick out of it when I finish a warm up.  Normally it tells me to take 5 to  15 hours recovery.  Now today I was feeling pretty tired.  I mean I failed to get up for the morning run.  So after the warm up the watch said I needed 50 hours recovery so I'm assuming my HR was a good bit higher than normal.  So I set off on my normal 3 mile tempo loop, 5:05 at the mile was a bit slow but not bad, the next mile was 5:15 which wasn't good and I wasn't feeling good.  I decided to keep the effort tempo on the last mile and let the pace be what it would be... 5:28!  Ugly!  When I stopped I felt finished.  I opted to skip the hill repeats and just do a 3 mile cool down.

Friday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:10
            PM circuit with Anna, nothing too bad.

Saturday AM 4 mile with Uta, 30:12, really freaking cold, -12 wind chill
                PM road 10 solo, 1:06:12, still freaking cold, 0 degree wind chill

Sunday AM 20.1 with Ruben in Chelmsford, mostly on rail trail. some snow on ground but not bad.  I did drill for coordination at 14.75 but was ok otherwise.  Cold again, 7 degrees, much less windy though so it felt ok. 2:06:02 total time.  couple light drills after we finished.

Summary 95 miles for week, 2 workouts, neither was very impressive.  I'm pretty tired.  I always struggle a bit in March.  I have a scheduled rest week after New Bedford Next weekend but I think I'll taper this week as well and hopefully feel some bounce again in a couple weeks.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Training Blog February 27 to March 5, 2017

Monday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:54
               PM road 10.1 solo, 1:06:33

Tuesday AM road 4 with Uta, 29:54, bit of a knot in my right shin.
               PM 3.1 warm up, drills and strides, Moneghetti Fartlek around my normal Glendale route, covered 3.83 miles in the 20mins that is 8/100ths more than the last time out and more important it got me back into the finish area I have tended to view as being fit in the past.  If I can get to a road called Woodhill ln, which is where gmap-pedometer says 4 miles is I have considered my self running well.  Tonight I made it just a stride past the far side of Woodhill.  6/100ths shy of my best ever on this loop. 3.5 cool down, 25mins. 6x6 squats 105lbs up to 155lbs after.

Mona gives this Fartlek a good job!  

Wednesday PM road 16, 1:45:06, ran in the light and in shorts and a t-shirt, crazy for this time of year.

Thursday AM 4.1 miles on road with Uta, first 1.4 with Melissa too, 30:54

Friday PM road 10.1 with Uta, 1:07:07, 6x6 dead lifts after 135lbs up to 185lbs. 

Saturday AM road 6.2 with Uta, 45:04, cold 10 degrees wind chill around 0.
                 PM road 10.1 solo, 1:03:53, cold 15 degrees wind chill much colder.

Sunday Noon 3.5 warm up, 25:20, drills and strides, 4x2 miles with 3:00 recovery with drills in each recovery.  10:23.9 (5:03.2/5:20.7), 10:28.3 (5:05.2/5:23.1), 10:33.5 (5:09.2/5:24.1), 10:27(5:07.5/5:19.5).  This is on a lollypop shaped out and back and the 2nd mile was pretty much all into the wind not only were they much slower but I was working much harder.   This looks a bit worse then when I did this session a couple months back but using the garmin to measure made the loop 15 seconds longer than how it was measured on gmap which is what I used when I was doing this last.  Also that wind killed me. 2.7 cool down in 21:00

Summary 92 miles for the week, two good workouts.  Super happy with the mona this week.  8/100ths better than two weeks ago and only 6/100ths off my best on that loop is a great step in the right direction.  Thursday and Friday were kinda crap as I was super tired and felt like I was getting sick but I took it easy, skipped a workout, took a ton of supplements- C, echinacea, congaplex, elderberry and as of right now, knock on wood, I'm not sick.  This has been my basic theme as I'm coming back.  I'm being very cautious. Focusing on being consistent, even if I'm consistently less than spectacular.  I'm making no major setbacks my mantra. Deal with the fact that I'm not training how I want but really key up on just having a decent week every week.  No injuries, no illnesses.  If I can get though the winter like that I'll be one happy guy. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Training February 20 to 26, 2017

  Before getting into this weeks training rather then repeat myself constantly through each day gushing about the weather let me just say if I had this weather during my April vacation I would be thrilled. The long term implications of winters like this are obviously bad but short term every run this week was a pleasure.  Heck today's run would normally be some of the best February weather I would get and it was some of the worst I saw all week.   Awesome for the motivation, bad for our future.

Me at USATF-NE last weekend, that is my college coach and former boss, also one of my groomsmen Gary Gardner on the infield. Also notice the dude behind me barefoot!  I like me some barefoot running but not on a mondo track surface that will peal some skin right off. Photo by Leslie Whiting Poitras
Monday 7AM bikram yoga-90mins
               9AM 10.1 solo, 1:04:20 on roads.
               2PM road 4 solo, 26:25
               3:45PM drills, strides and massage with Anna

Tuesday 8AM 3 warm up with Uta, half mile more solo, drills, stides, 3 mile rolling tempo run 15:17 (5:02, 5:05, 5:10), 2mins recovery with drills- 10x30 second hills focus on form and power.  3+ cool down after run 6x10 weighted lunges starting at 45lbs up to 95lbs.
               5PM road 4 solo, 28:25

Wednesday 7AM bikram yoga-90mins
                    9AM road 16.1 solo, stopped for drills because of coordination at about 13 miles, 1:43:15

Thursday 8AM 3.1 warm up, drills- about 12mins worth, strides, 6x mile on road. Lightly rolling point to point stretch, more up on even reps, 3mins recovery with 3 to 4 drills in each recovery. 4:59, 5:04, 4:54, 5:02, 4:54, 5:03, 2.3 cool down, 16:00, after run 6x6 deadlifts starting at 135lbs up to 185lbs.

Friday 7AM bikram yoga-90mins
            9AM road 10.1 mile with Uta, 1:07:13
            5PM road 4 solo, 28:25

Saturday 9AM road 4 with Uta, who was tired from yesterday and watching over her Mom and I all week, 29:51
                11AM massage and treatment with Brad
               3PM at North Andover Track, 3 warm up, full drill set about 15mins, 30x100m focus on relaxation, felt great- average 15.3 but felt controlled and easy, jog back recoveries then a 200 in 30.7 just to hold the pace a bit longer, again felt smooth and great. 200 jog then a mile cool down- short on time.

Sunday 8AM 2.7 warm up,20:23, drills about 15mins worth, 19.1 mile fundamental tempo run, 1:49:34 about 5:44 pace, felt great but had to stop for drills because of coordination just after 8 miles and just after 15miles. ran 6:10 for the 9th mile with drills but really rolling in the closing miles and ran 5:47 for the 16th mile with the drills.

Summary 109 miles for week, first 100 plus mile week of 2017.   Two good hard sessions and two good moderate sessions.  I'm thrilled with the progression of the form in terms of how I feel at speed.  I have maybe never felt as good running 15 second hundreds as I did Saturday.  Keep in mind my all time 400m PB is 58.8 (14.7 per 100m).  I continued to feel just amazingly easy on the fundamental tempo today. But and it is really a BUT!!! As easy as it felt I started to come apart form wise after 5 or 6 miles and I started to feel the coordination going so I did the 3 hop exchange.  The nice thing is that is like starting over in 20 seconds and I then get right back in the game without letting the heart rate drop and so I can do workouts like this.  Actually if I find I go about the same distance at marathon pace 7 to 9 miles without loosing coordination I might even consider doing a marathon and just excepting that I'll be giving away a minute or two doing drills three times during the race.   Not ideal but if your in 2:15 shape a minute or two back isn't really all that different.   Still my hope is that with the continued drill work, all told I did over an hour of drills this week, and strength work I will get stronger and be able to hold the form for longer and longer and perhaps finally put the coordination problems to bed.  


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

USATF-NE 5000m Race Video

  This is the race from this weekend with some pretty detailed commentary from Mike Giberti, including a shout out to Melissa which she appreciated...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Training Blog February 13 to 19, 2017

Monday AM snow removal, about 3 hours of it, after a large storm.  School was canceled so I also slept in.
               PM road 10 with very snowy, 1:09:41

Tuesday AM 5 miles with Melissa and Uta in 40:30
               PM 5k warm up, drills, strides, Moneghetti Fartlek,roads much improved but definitely not great, almost fell twice and had to be very careful on the turns.  Covered 3.75 according to the garmin, exact same as two weeks ago but in tougher conditions so another improvement. 3.6 mile cool down

Mona rates this fartlek an "atta boy.  Keep moving forward"

Wednesday PM medium long run of 16 miles- felt like shit on a stick at the start but started feeling ok around 7 or 8 miles.  The coordination leg also felt off very early on and I was sure I would have to stop and do drills, not all that uncommon last week on the same loop I stopped at around 11.5 miles, but as I approached 11.5 I was ok but not great so decided to work to 12 or 13 but as I continued on it felt better and better so by the last couple miles it felt perfectly normal and I never did drills. 1:47:38 running time, roads still improving but certainly still stretches that are not so hot- I purposely run a lot of side streets and culdesacs to avoid traffic but sometimes they don't get as cleaned up as the main streets. 

Thursday AM snow removal.  I had school so I didn't have much choice had to do this rather than the morning run. 
                 PM 5.8 miles with Uta.  Now if you haven't caught on I hate winter.  I would move to Hawaii in a second if Melissa would let me but she likes the seasons.  That said this was an absolutely beautiful run.  The sun was setting and shining through the branches of the trees and every single branch was still covered in a couple inches of fresh pure white snow and every other surface was covered in that perfect white blanket as well.  The soft setting sunlight setting off it just gave me a feeling of being happy to be alive. 
  Dropped Uta off and did 15 short hill sprints.  I didn't time them though I would guess they were about 10 to 12 seconds based on doing hills in the same spot in the past. 

Friday AM road 4 with Uta, 29:34
            PM road 10 solo, 1:08:32, very tired, 6x6 squats starting at 95lbs up to 145lbs.

Saturday AM road 10 solo, 1:05:03, footing mostly ok but a couple miles were a good bit icy and slushy.
                PM 6 and change solo, 43:03

Sunday AM 3.5 or so warm up, some on track 2.75 on 1200m loop around Harvard facilities with a group. Drills, strides and a bit under 200m hard effort.  Race 5000m at USATF-NE Indoor Championships. 1st place 14:41.78.  So that makes 15 straight years of at least one sub 15 5k race which makes me happy.  This was much faster then the same race last year, 14:55, and again I felt really strong for most of it so I'm very happy.  Obviously I have run much faster but a more apples to apples comparison is that my fastest 5k without specific track work is only a 14:20 so being only 20 seconds off of that makes me very happy and I feel I could certainly go 20 seconds faster with 6 to 8 weeks of specific work.  Now the weather and my schedule doesn't have me doing that just yet but it really does have me getting excited for the racing to come later in the year.  Post race I went for a long cool down with a large group, 10.25 miles in 1:11:40.  Mostly around the Charles.  Mixed in some of Dan V's 5/55 sprints that he loves for cool downs.

Summary 97 miles for the week.  One good hard workout, one nice moderate session and one nice race.  Another solid but not spectacular week.  I though for sure I was finally going to get a hundred mile week in but the snowy morning on Thursday killed that. To be honest I'm not sure I have ever run a 5k much under 15 before without at least some 100 mile weeks in the months before.  Now that is a bit of a misleading stat because there are very few times in the last 20 years when I haven't run a number of 100 mile weeks in any two month stretch.   Anyway very nice to be back racing in a normal range at last.  It is even nicer to be feeling good and running feeling free and loose.   I ran basically 3 seconds per K faster then at the same race last year.  If I can do the same at New Bedford I would be looking at being a minute faster.  I'm not sure I'll see the same improvement and I'm still have a lot of coordination stuff but it is really nice to be going in with an honest reason to have some bigger better goals.  Hope your week went well.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Training February 6 to 12, 2017

Monday AM 4 on roads with Uta and Melissa, 31:47
               PM road 10.1 solo, 1:08:03

Tuesday AM 4 on roads solo, 29:22
               PM massage- back has been not so hot last few days

Wednesday PM road 16 solo, 1:45:29

Thursday off we had a large snowstorm and I didn't feel like getting hit and the gym was closed.

Friday AM road 5.1 with Uta, 35:56
            PM on treadmill, 3 warm up 21:20, with 3 strides mixed in, 2x2 miles with 2mins rest, 10:21, 10:15.  I was planning on a 4 to 5 mile tempo but I was out too fast.  5:04 pace at 1.5% and after a mile I was hurting.  3 mile cool down in 20mins

Saturday AM road 10 solo, very snowy, 1:11:37 tot. 10
                Late AM acupuncture and massage.
                PM Bikram yoga 90mins hot yoga.

Sunday Noon  road 10 with Uta, very snowy, 1:12:49 tot. 10

Summary not a very good week between weather and my back feeling a bit off early in the week.  I think it is pretty obvious I have been playing it very cautious.  The last few years I have tried to train like I did when I was running full time and it seems every time I start to get fit I get a set back.  So I have made up my mind to focus on just being steady and letting more slide.  This doesn't work too well with my personality but so far the results are pretty good.  I'm actually back to decent shape and hopefully I can move forward from here.  I could see myself running pretty well by May/June if I don't have any major set backs.  Only time will tell.

I think this is a 5k from faster days.  Anyway it is a good image of what the 5k feels like when you get a good effort out.  I'm racing one this weekend so good to remind myself what I need to to do.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

January 30 to February 5, 2017

Monday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:42 tot. 4
               PM drills and massage with Anna

Tuesday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:51 tot. 4

Wednesday PM road 14.3, medium long run, 1:32:56

Thursday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:23
                 PM Moneghetti Fartlek, did 3 mile warm up with Uta in 21:11. dropped her off at the house, jogged another quarter mile or so, did drills- a skip, b skip, a+c skip, fast exchange, side shuffle, side shuffle with cross, karaoke, 3 hop fast exchange and sensory hops, 4 strides.  Did a Mona fartlek on my normal glendale loop.  Covered 3.75 miles, .05 more than 2 weeks ago and this got me back up to the area I was finishing in last year, albeit barely, but still nice to be back in the normal range.  Basically I have a 2/10th of a mile window that I finished all but one of my Mona's in prior to last years stress fracture. I was into that zone by about 30 or 40 yards.  I mean on gmaps this is 3.9 which is right in the zone I was very happy with last winter.  So I'm very happy now to be back in that range. 3.6 mile cool down.  I did 6x6 dead lifts after starting at 135 lbs up to 185lbs.

Steve Moneghetti rates this Mona a "good job" showing steady improvement and working back to competitive fitness.

Friday AM road 4 miles with Uta, 30:08
            PM road 10 miles solo, 1:05:03, felt pretty good for a Friday night normally I feel like death warmed over.  I did 6x6 squats after starting at 95lbs up to 145lbs.

Saturday AM boxford road 10, 1:03:29, felt a little heavy.
                2PM 6.4 miles road, 42:24
                4PM bikram yoga, 90mins hot yoga

Sunday AM Race Super Sunday 5 mile, Cambridge, MA.  3+ warm up, 22:15, full drill set, Strides, 30 second hard effort, Race, did most of the leading which I didn't mind.  I really just wanted a sub 25min time and didn't care much about place today.  Not my normal attitude but for today that is where my goals were at.  At 4 miles the pack just rolled by me and I didn't have a gear to shift to.  I ended up at 24:50 in 4th.  I'm really happy with this for a bunch of reasons.  first 14 straight years with at least one sub 25. Second this is one second faster than I ran last year which is a huge return to running in my normal range.  The low end of normal but normal all the same.  Third I split 15:25 which is about what I raced a month ago in very similar conditions. Fourth John Schilkowsky, I raced him in early December or late November and he beat me and today he was 1:34 behind me.  Now maybe he has been hurt or he doesn't run in the winter.  That's ok it is just very nice to be the one moving in the right direction for a change.  Splits 4:55, 9:54, 14:50, 19:49.  Then did a 3.5 mile cool down in 25:31. Total 12.5ish

Summary 81 miles for the week.  One good workout, one good race.  Good week with a rough start, not feeling very well, not sick just run down and feeling like I was going to get sick and played it safe. Feeling very optimistic about being back into regular shape and having a chance to build up to some good racing in the coming months.  Hope you are running well. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Training January 23 to 29, 2017

Monday AM road 4.25, 34:03, first 3 miles with Uta and Melissa.
               PM Raleigh tavern 10 mile, 1:06:58, felt good. 6x6 dead lifts after starting at 125 up to 175lbs.

Tuesday PM road 4 with Uta and Melissa, 32:03.  Felt really run down today and it was a cold rain.  I should have gone to the gym but it seemed like it was down raining.  I decided to scrap the workout and take a hot shower.
Run this one from last weekend again because I'm too lazy to take up to date photos.

Wednesday PM 13.3 on roads solo, 1:26:27.

Thursday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:36
                 PM 3.1 warm up, drills and strides 6x mile point to point on dale st. with 3mins recovery during which I would do 3 or 4 drills, odds were wind at my back, evens were into a pretty solid wind, I didn't check pace on the watch much, or at all on some reps, just ran what felt like 10k to half marathon pace range.  the point to point is not track flat at all but no serious hills either. Basically lightly rolling the whole way.  4:59, 5:06, 5:00, 5:06, 4:57, 5:09.   10 seconds recovery then 2.7 cool down, interestingly total distance was actually a tenth longer then the medium long run last night, with the drills included.  I was not really feeling doing a workout tonight so I was happy to get this done.

Friday AM road 4 with Uta, 29:37
            PM Raleigh tavern 10 mile, 1:07:17, 6x6 squats after starting at 95lbs up to 145lbs.

Saturday AM road 4 with Uta, 27:06 tot. 4
Puppy sitting round two

               PM at North Andover track, 3 mile warm up, extensive drill set, 30x100 with jog back recovery.  Averaged 15.7 with a fast rep of 15.4 and a slow rep of 16.1, it was windy but it was from the side. 3 mile cool down. 

Sunday AM 2.1 warm up with Uta, drop her off at house, jog 3/10ths to my start area.  Some drills- a skip, b skip, c skip, fast exchange, both side drills both ways, karaoke, 3 hop fast exchange, hopping, 1 stride,  15 mile fundamental tempo on figure 8 loop.  stopped for 3 hop fast exchange just after 8 mile split- a mile earlier then 2 weeks ago, to avoid losing coordination. Felt very tired the last mile, 5:49 average pace.  Fastest mile 5:40 (1st, 7th, and 13th), slowest mile 6:12- 9th with drills mixed in, for an all running mile my 2nd mile was 5:59, 45 feet elevation gain from start to finish.   3/10ths cool down back to house. total a bit over 18 miles.

Summary 96 miles for the week, three good sessions, though the 100's certainly are not a hard session more of a moderate, like a quality training run in terms of what they take out of you but mentally your not on auto pilot nearly as much.  The fundamental tempo is also a fairly moderate effort, my HR never exceeded 155 and generally stays in the 140's, came up as I struggled at the end today.  I think my max is around 200 to 205.
  Missing the workout Tuesday was stupid.  I planned on going to the gym but the rain seemed to have stopped so I changed up and did my exercises and headed out the door.  Perhaps a half hour had passed and it was back to a soaking cold rain.  I was chilled to the bone after a 4 mile warm up so I called it.  Very avoidable.  Ended up with a good week overall so not a huge deal but a bit frustrating.  I'm not a kid anymore so I don't like making dumb mistakes.
  A bit on the fundamental tempo.  As you may have noticed I'm measuring my runs with a garmin since Christmas. Thank you Melissa!!  I really love it. For the most part it turns out I have been running a bit more than I thought.  That said it seems when I run faster the garmin says I'm not going as far.  I mentioned the Mona loop last week.  With the fundamental tempo loop it is similar.  So according to the garmin I ran 15 miles at 5:49 pace. According to gmap pedometer it was 15.55 miles at 5:36 pace.  Honestly it doesn't matter much to me which is right or if it was somewhere in between.  That said it is important for me to recognize that when gauging fitness I have measured loops using gmaps for years so it is an apple and orange comparison to say "oh today I could only run 5:49 pace and back in the day I did 5:22 pace I suck."   So regardless of which measure is correct what is important in comparison is realizing I'm 14 seconds per mile behind my better efforts not 27 seconds per mile.
  Next this week I stopped a mile earlier for the drills then when I did this session two weeks ago.  I actually think this might be good news.  I have for a while believed that my shoulder mobility and weakness issues.  This week I added new shoulder exercises.  Basically reverse pull ups.  That said I'm sore as hell in my lats and shoulders and that I struggled to hold coordination in that state makes me think I'll do a much better job of holding coordination when I make progress in improving this area.   In the mean time I was very excited that doing the 3 hop fast exchange again seems like a complete reset. I think I would have made it to at least 16 miles in control which is awesome.
  Hope you had a good week of training.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Training January 16 to 22, 2017

Monday AM boxford 10 mile with Uta, 1:07:55
               late AM few drills and massage with Anna
               PM road 4 solo, 28:31

Tuesday AM road 4.1 with Uta, 30:19
               PM 3 warm up, drills- a skip, b skip, a+c skip, fast exchange, side 1, side 2 and karaoka, fast exchange 3 with 3 hops, hopping, strides, Moneghetti Fartlek covered 3.7 miles- 0.05 more than last time so an improvement.   I dodged a bullet on this one it was supposed to be sleet and freezing rain but it arrived late so it just started to drizzle as I started the fartlek and it was just getting going good over my last few efforts.  It was a cold 3.6 mile cool down to the house but two weeks ago the whole thing was in a driving cold rain so this was a nice improvement.

I should also note that I'm using a garmin now to measure in the past I used online mapping.  For the most part this hasn't changed anything pretty much everything is within a 1/10th a mile up or down from what the other measure said.  That said on the loop I use for the Moneghetti the garmin is consistently .15 shorter.  So on the computer this was 3.85.  This is unimportant except for comparison to when I have done Mona's on this loop in the past.  For perspective I was quite fit at this point last winter and was covering 3.9 to 4.1 miles pretty consistently on this loop per computer measurement.  So seeing 3.7 could be pretty frustrating as 3/10ths of a mile is a LOT of distance over only 20mins.  It is the difference between 5:24 per mile and 5:00 per mile.  Realizing that really I'm only running 1/10th to 0.15 less than last year is important in that I don't panic and think I'm in abysmal shape and not making progress.

 I must stress it doesn't matter what matters is the effort for the workout and for tracking training what matters is the comparison to past results.  IE you don't need to measure the loop at all you could just keep track of landmarks telling you how far you get.  For me I know if I finish past Mt. Vernon street I'm killing it.
  For the type A folks among you who need to know which is more accurate I would guess the garmin.  This loop is pretty hilly and based on my race times last winter while I was doing this loop regularly the performances lined up with being able to do a 4 mile Mona on the perfect flat but not over rolling hills.  To be honest in measurements I only trust a USATF cert. over the top steel tape and the full nine yards type thing I few everything else as ballpark.  That said the technology today has made the ballpark much much smaller.

Mona rates this fartlek a "would you please just shut up and run."

Wednesday Off day- semi planned.  Been right on the edge with training and work and this week has been a bit over the top at work, pretty much 10 hours every day in the building not counting 'homework'. So figured I'd take a day, either today or Friday

Thursday AM road 4 with Uta, 31:17, felt very flat after a day off 
                 PM  off, got home very late and it was Melissa's Birthday so no time to run.

Friday PM 3.5 with Uta then 12x12 second hills with jog down recoveries. Not a good day for volume but very happy to squeeze this session in.

Saturday AM road 7.2 with Uta, 47:21, 40 degrees sunny felt spring like.
                PM boxford 10 mile loop, 1:06:04, very warm 50 or so ran in shorts!

Sunday AM warm up with Ruben, drills, bunch of strides, one 27 second effort, race GBTC invite 2 mile, 7th place 9:15.91.  I was very pleasantly surprised by this one.  I though 9:20 was the absolute best I could hope for.  I planned to try and run 35 laps as long as I could.  Instead I was consistently a shade under and it felt very easy/smooth.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but it didn't I ran hard the last 800 but I really feel like I could have run a second a lap faster just by being more aggressive. I really haven't done much work so this was really nice. 5.2 cool down with a group.

pic from Sunday by Mike Giberti showing me looking about as good form wise as I ever have.

Summary 66 or so miles for the week, 1 good workout, 1 moderate session, 1 race.  Not a great week volume wise but I hit the stuff that mattered so I'm happy with it.  Hope your training is going well.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Training Week January 9 to 15, 2017

Monday AM road 4 with Uta, 5 degrees, 30:23 tot. 4
               PM raliegh tavern 10, roads snowy/icy, 1:11:07, dead lifts after 7x6 starting a 115lbs up to 175lbs

Tuesday PM 3 warm up with Uta, drop her off, jog to start of loop, drills, strides, 3 mile tempo on winter street dumbell, 15:33, felt good, 10x 30 second hills focus on form, putting weight in ass/driving knees about 90% effort, 3 mile cool down.

Wednesday PM raliegh tavern 12.1 solo, legs tired after yesterday, 1:21:54

Thursday AM road 4 solo, 30:24
                 PM so warm I got to wear shorts, raliegh tavern 10 solo, first 3 easy, middle 4 I mixed in 20 short sprints, last 3 easy, 1:07:33, 6x6 squats after start at 95lbs up to 135lbs

Friday PM boxford 10 mile, we did a potluck lunch at school and I ate way too much and it made this run pretty unpleasant, 1:11:16

Friday night we puppy sat Anna's new puppy Luca.  As you can see this was very rough on Uta.

Saturday AM road 4 mile with Uta, 25:58 
                PM 3 plus warm up, full drills, couple light strides, 16x200m average 32.0 with slow 200 jog recovery, average 1:15. 3+ cool down, legs bit flat but kept it pretty easy.  Would have liked to be a bit quicker but more important to keep this relaxed and muscular only. 

Sunday AM 3 warm up with Uta, drop her off, jog bit under a half mile out to start, a skip, b skip, a+c skip, fast exchange, side skips (2 types), fast exchange with 3 hops, hopping. 13 mile fundamental tempo, 1:15:31 on rolling course, felt pretty easy.  Coordination started to act up at about 9 miles so I did 3 hop fast exchange for 40 meters or so and felt great from then on.  I actually felt like I could just keep going. 

Summary 95 miles for week, 1 fairly hard workout and 3 nice moderate sessions.  I'm very happy with this week.  I really enjoyed the fundamental tempo and was very happy with how the leg felt after the 3 hop fast exchange.  Time will tell if this helps to get me to stop losing coordination all together so I can race long but in terms of doing a workout like this I'm fine with doing 40 meters of drills every 8 to 10 miles.  Anything to do this quicker long runs.  I absolutely love running easy at a good clip for longer distances. 
  Only downside this week was missing a few morning runs.  I was feeling like I was on the edge of a cold all week and slept in to 5:50am a couple of days to try and stay not sick. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Training January 2 to 8, 2017

Monday AM boxford 10 mile, 1:03:00
               PM road 4, 30:00

Tuesday AM 4.2 with Melissa and Uta, 32:23
               PM in hard cold rain, poor footing, 3 mile warm up, drills, strides, Mona Fartlek- 3.65 miles- about as short as I have ever done.  I was pretty tired and I'm pretty out of shape and it was not nice out there so I wasn't too bothered by that. 1.4 mile cool down, really 1.4 miles of getting freezing trying to get back to the house as I was soaked to the bone and it was about 35 degrees.

Mona rates this fartlek a very un-impressed but at least you got it done. 

Wednesday PM raliegh tavern 10 mile with Uta, 1:09:32, crazy tired even though I skipped the AM run

Thursday PM 3.5 mile warm up with Uta, felt like death warmed over, so I decided to scrap the workout

Friday Off stomach bug

Saturday AM 2 warm up with Melissa and Anna in Boston, drills 6x mile(full miles on 220yd track), at Harvard with 3mins recoveries including drills, started with 4x200, first 3 with Melissa in 39 then one solo in 34.  Miles were 4:59, 5:00.0, 4:58, 4:58, 4:58, 4:58, about a half mile jogging with Melissa and Anna, bit of stretching then 3 miles solo.  
  Working out today was not ideal but I had already missed my Thursday session and I knew I was too weak after yesterday for the 4x2 mile I had scheduled.  Also with our forecast, snow, I knew that this would be my only shot at a workout over the weekend.  I'll obviously switch out the mile repeats on Thursday this week. 

Sunday AM snow removal
             Noon 13 miles, slowly.  First 8 with Melissa and Uta, very slow.  Footing was not great, 1:39:41
             PM bikram yoga, 90mins hot yoga.  It was really nice to be too hot after 2 hours of very cold snow removal and an 1:40 minutes of running in temps that had only come up to about 18 degrees. 

Summary only about 67 miles this week but given how poorly I felt and getting sick I'm not bothered by that at all.  I was very happy to get in two workouts and I was suprised that I was able to do the 6x mile without leaving sort of a tempo/controlled effort.  So given everything I'm pretty happy.  I'm not happy I got sick and I feel run down.  I may just not be fit enough to train like this yet.  I'll get a better sense this week and I'll adjust from there. 
  Hope your training is going well. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Training December 26, 2016 to January 1, 2017

Monday AM raliegh tavern 10 mile, 1:03:36, first two miles with Melissa and Uta, it was 19 degrees but felt warm because there was no wind.
               PM road 4 solo, 28:13

Tuesday AM tempo run with hill repeats. 5k warm up, drills and strides, 3 mile tempo on roads, 15:20, (5:00, 5:14, 5:06) couple drills, 10x30 second hills focus on power and form,only about 90 second efforts, jog down recoveries. 5k cool down
                PM wieght and medball circuits with Anna. Mostly cleans, squats and the like some handstand stuff

Wednesday AM Medium long run, 12.3 miles, 1:22:03, felt heavy took it easy
                    PM 4 miles on road with brother in laws dog who is not quite as good a running partner as Uta, 29:29

Thursday AM at North Andover HS, 3+ warm up, drills, strides, 6xmile on track, no wind at start bit more by end, 3min recoveries with 3 to 4 drills during each recovery, 4:58.8, 4:58.7, 4:58.7, 4:57.8, 4:58.8, 4:57.8, 3+ cool down
                PM no running just snow removal

Friday AM raliegh tavern 10, 1:06:48, first 2.9 miles with Melissa and Uta. squats after 7x6 starting at 75lbs up to 135lbs
            PM road 4 solo, 28:46

Saturday AM boxford 10 mile solo, 1:04:45 bit tired
                PM road 4 with Melissa and Uta, 30:36

Sunday AM 5k warm up, drills, strides, 30 second hard effort, some jogging and more strides, Race Hangover Classic 5k, 1st place 15:25, 4:56, 4:59, 4:56.  From the front. great weather but it was windy.  Wind may have cost me 10 seconds or a bit more but I wasn't strong enough to crack 15 today.  Got a good effort out though. 4 miles cool down with Whirlaway crew.

Summary ~95 miles, two good workouts, one ok race.  Would like to be faster.  I guess that is always true.  I shouldn't really expect more for where I'm at but I still do.  I'll take it however as a starting point.
  I'll do a track 5k in 6 or 7 weeks and hopefully be able to crack 15 by then. I expect if I did some specific work I could get there pretty quick but frankly I'm not in a place to be getting specific.  Time to work general fitness and try to get actual fit not sharp.   I think six to 10 weeks like this and I'll be getting there.